Zynga accepts Bitcoin for Individual Games

January 6, 2014

Zynga has announced the first test run of accepting Bitcoin. The virtual currency payment is limited to Farmville, Castleville, Chefville, Coasterville, hidden Chronicles and Cityville. Additionally, users from all over the world can purchase items and in-game credits in seven social games. Thus, the US company is the first major game manufacturer that supports virtual currencies.

lampThe acceptance of the virtual currency is initially limited to browser games. It remains to be seen whether the payment is spread out on iOS apps by Zynga. Apple has excluded apps in the past in several cases from its app store, because in it a bit coin payment option was included. So far Apple has not released a negative policy for developers.

Bitcoin has been long available for websites and has been gaining popularity. Web hosts like Fatcow make it very easy to accept Bitcoins. To see a full Fatcow review, please go to hostingmanual.net.

Zynga cooperates with the payment processor Bitpay in the project. In December 2013 Bitpay announced that they have carried out transactions with a total volume of over 100 million US dollars for its customers. In 200 countries, Bitpay have more than 15,000 contractors. According to Zynga, the test run is also a concession to the growing popularity of virtual currencies. It is unclear why didn’t Zynga choose competitors like Coinbase, although Zynga’s with other companies has invested $25 million in the Bitcoin startup.

New Virtual Currency not only for fans

Generating cryptographic digital currency has numerous alternatives to Bitcoin developed in the past few months. The latest offshoot is called West Coinye and goes live 11th January 2014. The operators apparently want to use the popularity of rapper Kanye West for their own purposes. So far they have not revealed their identity. It is a possibility that the rapper will have legal claims for the violation of his rights.